The Silviculture Innovation Program (SIP)

Improving knowledge of innovative silviculture systems through extension, applied and operational research. The Silviculture Innovation Program (SIP) is a program of the Bulkley Valley Research Centre (BVRC).

Our Purpose

BC’s forests are symbols of resilience, legacy, and diversity. But their future lies at a crossroads. With impacted timber supplies, a changing climate, and mounting concerns from many groups, including the forestry sector, there is a shift happening to manage forests for multiple values and embrace an ecologically-centred approach. Using alternative and innovative approaches to forestry, we can help ensure BC forests continue to provide values and services that will support communities for generations to come.

What is innovative silviculture? It includes systems for the harvesting, growing and tending of forests where the primary objective is to achieve holistic stewardship of the land base. Innovative silviculture systems are driven by an appreciation of ecological, social, cultural, and economic values of forests, where stewardship is focused on maintaining dynamic ecosystem processes and functions.

Our vision is that the Silviculture Innovation Program will accelerate the growth of innovative silviculture by improving knowledge of these systems in British Columbia using research and extension.

Our Approach

The SIP is developing research that will support collaborative partnerships with communities and practitioners, involve interdisciplinary approaches, and support diverse perspectives. The goal of the research program is to address critical knowledge gaps in innovative silviculture from important topics to under-researched regions, the expansion of existing research trials or the creation of new ones.

Learn more about our research program here.

The SIP is also developing an extension program focusing on empowering underrepresented voices and supporting Indigenous-led and place-based opportunities. Our goal is to support knowledge exchange and transfer between researchers, practitioners, experts, Indigenous communities and the public. By embedding extension into our programming, we can mobilize knowledge and create impactful products and processes.

Learn more about our extension program here. 

Recent News and Updates

What We Heard
05/01/24 | BlogProject Update

The Knowledge Summit: On March 11-13, 2024, experts from across the province came together to dive deep into what is needed to support innovative silviculture in BC at the Silviculture Innovation Knowledge Summit. Together, we worked to collectively identify knowledge…

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Innovative Silviculture 101
04/26/24 | Blog

Over the past several years, forest management and forestry practices have come under significant scrutiny within British Columbia. Through these pressures, conversations about forestry have become increasingly focused on diversifying the range of values forests are managed for. There…

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